The BACCH Research Strategy Working Group is an affiliated sub-specialist group of the British Association of Community Child Heath (BACCH) 

BACCH is an organisation whose members (around 850) are clinicians practicing paediatrics in a number of settings. It has several affiliated sub-specialist groups which have themselves developed relationships to many other organisations and RCPCH. Many BACCH members have an interest in one or more of these areas of practice: 

  • Neurodisability (BACD)  
  • Child Protection (CPSIG) 
  • Child and Adolescent Public Health (BACAPH)  
  • Paediatric Mental Health (PMHA)  


To promote and protect the good health of children and their families in their communities through high quality research and collaborative partnerships between community child health disciplines, across agencies and with children and their families  


To the knowledge of the group, other than BACD, no other BACCH affiliated groups have developed and / or published their own research strategies or infrastructure and the working group agreed that the scope of research is very wide compared to organ/body system-based specialties and therefore difficult to define. It was also recognised that research is an important contributor to improved service provision and that BACCH members should help the specialty develop and keep up to date with worldwide developments in the various fields of practice. 

Membership (ToR)

The membership of this group should include both BACCH and organisations who wish to work closely with BACCH, especially representatives from primary care, nursing, allied health professionals, social care and education to reflect the scope of BACCH research activity. BACD, BACAPH and PMHA should consider BACCH representatives sitting on their own research groups if they have this function. 


The BACCH Research Strategy group aims to: 

  • Refine the scope of research in Community Child Health including clinical disciplines, multidisciplinary nature, interagency working and population health. 
  • Map existing successful academic teams in the UK researching in community child health. 
  • Develop a methodology and process to prioritise research areas as patients, carers, clinicians and academics
  • To provide a roadmap for the different ways in which those wishing to pursue research in this field can be supported and funded  

Working Group Report

Meet the Members

 Paediatric Research Clinic

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