4th November 2019

It is with sadness we say goodbye to Lesley Hines who left the team at the end of October 2019 after over 11 years with PiP. Lesley has worked within the NHS for over 40 years. It feels like we are losing the foundations that has helped to keep PiP going for many years; Lesley is now leaving us (armed with lots of instructions to keep us going) to carry on the good work. We all feel really grateful to Lesley for the support she has given to everyone involved with PiP over the last 11 years and the support she has recently given the new members of the PiP Core Team. On behalf of PiP members and the children and young people in the West Midlands we wish Lesley all the best for a happy, healthy retirement with lots of wonderful holidays to come.

“Retirement is the only time when you can have a life without having a job. Congratulations”