27th Apr 2023
@ 9:00 am
The Studio
Cannon Street
Birmingham City Centre

POEMS – Positive Outcome Experience Management Strategies

POEMS for children

POEMS For Children is UK based charity set up with the aim to train professionals to manage anxious children more effectively.

Training is designed to help you understand, reduce or completely avoid anxiety in children undergoing medical procedures.

Reducing anxiety at the time of medical intervention has been linked with a reduction in both the short and long term signs and symptoms of psychological morbidity children develop after their procedure.

Poems Course

The dedicated team offers an accredited course to help healthcare professionals managing anxiety in children.

During our one-day course, they teach strategies to reduce or prevent anxiety in children who need medical intervention. In addition to the scientific evidence, they also share our stories and experiences in dealing with anxious patients whose minds are full of fears.

It is without doubt that a team of trained practitioners utilising the techniques introduced on the course will dramatically reduce the prevalence and degree of general and procedure-related anxiety in children undergoing medical interventions. This will also lead to a reduction in the consequent morbidity experienced by these children and a global improvement in patient experience.

What will the course cover

  • The nature of anxiety
  • Basic & Advanced communication
  • Anxiety management in practice
  • Team Work
  • Simulation in Anxiety management
  • Paediatric Delirium
  • Learning disabilities & Autistic Spectrum disorders
  • Hypnosis & Hypnotherapy for children
  • Experiential hypnosis session (optional)

Meet the Poems Team

Who can participate?

Poems course was designed to train healthcare professionals, mainly those who contact with children.

We train several professionals, such as doctors, nurses, healthcare assistants, play specialists, etc.


Consultant grade £120

SAS Grades / Doctors in training £90

AHP and other £50

PiP members please note: There are a few funded places available (pip members only) for AHP’s / ODN’s / Theatre Nurses and other; please contact PiP directly  Contact PiP

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