PiP is a partnership of organisations and clinicians working to improve the quality and accessibility of services for children and young people.

It is a non-profit making partnership, funded primarily by subscriptions from its member organisations and by undertaking ‘commissioned’ project work.

PiP supports eleven children’s and young people’s networks across the West Midlands and Nationally.

Since its inception in 1998, PiP has been a constant advocate for children and young people’s services, with the overall aim of improving the quality of service provision.  It has worked strategically with Children’s Leads and Commissioners to explore options for service delivery, and to keep the importance of services for children and young people on the agenda.

An early ‘promoter’ of the value of working in networks, PiP has encouraged collaborative working across trusts and organisations – beyond conventional boundaries (geographical and organisational).

We are currently working to influence the development of commissioned services within the Integrated Care Systems (ICS’s) across the Region, and through working together we aim to ensure that the voice of children and young people are heard in the development of these.

The strength of PiP is in its clinical and multi-disciplinary, cross-professional engagement, and strong collaborations with regional universities.

The success of PiP is down to the many dedicated and motivated people who participate in the various work streams and contribute to the running of the organisation.


PiP agrees with and supports the “shared ambitions” which are outlined in the 2013 document:
Better health outcomes for children and young people – Our Pledge.