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PENSO Conference Friday 13th September 2024

Join us for the Paediatric Educators Network – Supporting Opportunities Conference – ‘Building the Educator’ as they look to provide a full day of keynote talks, breakout sessions, simulation demonstrations and networking.

Hosted by Sheffield Children’s NHS Foundation Trust and supported by Partners in Paediatrics.

When and where?
Friday 13th September 2024, 08:30hrs – 17:00hrs
Sheffield Children’s NHS Foundation Trust, Education, Learning and Organisational Development, 100 Napier Street, Sheffield, S11 8HA

Delegates: Attendees include all Nurse Clinical Educators across Paediatric Nursing from within a Trust or private provider in the United Kingdom.

Cost: £50.00* (includes lunch and refreshments)

*Total check out cost will be £54.88 including Eventbrite booking fee

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  PEN-SO Calendar

PEN-SO MEMBER MEETING (online) – Monday, June 3rd 2024 @14.00 -16.00hrs  

PEN-SO MEMBER MEETING (online)– Thursday, December 5th 2024 @14.00 -16.00hrs  

PEN-SO CONFERENCE (Sheffield Children’s Hospital) –  Friday, September 13th  2024 @14.00 -16.00hrs  

PEN-SO MEMBER MEETING (online) – Tuesday, March 4th 2024 @14.00 -16.00hrs  

Network Overall Aim

To allow Paediatric Educators across trusts throughout the United Kingdom to support, share and network to provide high quality education to those in clinical areas and offer support and guidance to others in paediatric education.

Meetings are held quarterly and chaired by a small nominated committee. The network aims to discuss new nursing developments, policies and national initiatives and examine how these may impact roles and responsibilities operationally and strategically. Network aims to collaborate with the multidisciplinary team and other interested agencies.

Attendees include nurse clinical educators across paediatric nursing from within a Trust or private provider in the United Kingdom. Attendees must work primarily in an education role. (For example, as a clinical educator, or placement facilitator)

The purpose of the group is:

  • To facilitate strength, consistency, communication, and cohesion within clinical education throughout the United Kingdom
  • To allow a confidential forum for developing operational, educational, and strategic multi-professional issues that has an impact on education/clinical teaching
  • To facilitate an environment for discussion on professional, educational, managerial, and other relevant issues associated with education
  • To cascade initiatives and innovations on Local, Trust and National issues
  • To enable the educator to feedback on their individual roles and share practice and minimise duplication of tasks
  • To raise profile of paediatric clinical education across the United Kingdom
  • A platform to learn from one another
  • To discuss new nursing developments, policies and national initiatives and examine how these may impact our roles and responsibilities operationally and strategically.
  • To network and collaborate with the multidisciplinary team and other interested agencies
  • To act as role models and professionals for all others both within the network and outside


Introducing the PEN-SO Committee


Gemma Williams 

Hello, my name is Gemma Williams – I am a Senior Lecturer in Children’s Nursing for Staffordshire University. I specialise in teaching clinical skills for children and young people requiring emergency care, as well as those with complex care needs and palliative care. I am a registered Children’s Nurse and Nursing & Midwifery Teacher, as well as being a Resuscitation UK Instructor and Sepsis Train the Trainer.

My main aim as being a Co-Chair of the PEN-SO network is to support education delivery across an individual’s career including at a person’s journey beginning from apprenticeships, pre-registration and following on through post registration.  I hope to reduce any clinical skill gaps and education inequalities present for professionals supporting children and young people. I am a big believer in partnership working between teams and organisations to promote not only education and learning, but how this is used to improve continuity of care for our children and families accessing our healthcare services.


Wendy Hart

Hello, my name is Wendy Hart. I am registered children’s Nurse and work at Sheffield Children’s NHS Foundation trust as the continuous professional development practitioner.

I have worked in a wide variety of settings including, surgical, medical and theatres during my career over 25 years.  I am passionate about training and developing our workforce to empower us to deliver outstanding patient care, I am particularly interested in the support and development of support staff and newly qualified nurses.

I am currently undertaking a leadership qualification so would welcome anyone’s input on what makes impactful leadership in Nursing education. I am also an insights practitioner, and believe self-awareness is a key to unlocking potential. Insights Discovery® | Official flagship product | Insights

Whatever point we are at on our career journey there is always something new to learn, so let’s help and support each other in that journey.


Louis Britten

Hello, my name is Louis Britten and I am the Head of Clinical Education and Practice development at Black County Healthcare. I have previously worked as a Practice Placement Manager at Birmingham Women’s and Children’s Hospital NHS FT. I have worked in education for 8 years before having working in emergency care and then a cardiology unit. I also gained some experience in Malawi during a hospital exchange program.

My reason for helping to start this network is seeing the pandemic unfold and how colleagues came together to support and help one another made me realise that this can and should happen more. I know the job we all do is really important and makes a difference on just to staff and colleagues but patients as well. I am really excited to build this network, meet new people and share experiences as well as highlight the amazing work we all do.

Becky Sandiford

Hi, my name is Becky Sandiford. I’m a Paediatric Practice Educator in the Paediatric emergency department at Royal Bolton Hospital. I have previously worked within Paediatric Haematology and Oncology for 4 years prior to moving to the emergency department in 2018. I’ve been in my Educator role since December 2022 and it’s a role that is still currently evolving and changing at a rapid rate.

My reason for joining the PEN-SO committee is to help enable a network of educators around the UK. I am passionate about inspiring and sharing ideas whilst also supporting both learners and educators in practice.”


Become a member:

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