The CPSN group is supported by the Lead Surgeon, a Paediatrician and Physiotherapist from each trust within the region and partnership area; the Chair of the group is Mr Ram Vadivelu, Paediatric Orthopaedic Surgeon from Birmingham Women’s and Children’s Hospital NHS Foundation Trust.

The group held a very successful conference in November which was organised and hosted by Dr Manjeet Raina, Consultant Community Paediatrician from University Hospitals Birmingham. Over 100 people attended and had a very informative day which evaluated well. This year’s conference will be held once again within the Birmingham region and we hope to announce a date and location soon.

The group continue to work together to ensure:

  • A safe, comprehensive, quality service dedicated to the holistic care of all children & young people with cerebral palsy and / or spasticity, and their families
  • The development of educational packages dedicated to meeting the training an developmental needs of all staff working across the West Midlands region and partnership area
  • Providing advice and guidance for professionals within the region and partnership area
  • Providing advice to, and liaise with, the Clinical Commissioning Groups, Area Teams and other groups, as appropriate
  • Developing shared clinical guidelines for use within all the hospitals and community services involved
  • Informing professional opinion at an intra-regional and National level