The Paediatric Senior Nurses Forum is invaluable to the senior nurses within the partnership. The group provides a forum for senior nurses to network and share good practice with an aim to improve care.

Supported by PiP, the group have produced a nursing staffing tool for inpatient care. The tool allows paediatric leads to assess staffing levels within their own organisation, inputting activity levels at each level of care and cross-referencing this to national standards for recommended staffing levels; and thus producing an analysis of what staffing levels are required for the demand on any particular inpatient area.

This group have focused on providing education to nurses and students over the last 12 months covering a wide range of topics. This year the group continue to focus on increasing the educational content of the meetings and providing educational sessions to our partners and beyond.

In recent months the network have worked to create a student forum with the aim provide a platform for sharing education and offering peer support across the cohort of various schools.

The forum would like to extend thanks to our network members as well as affiliate Universities and the West Midlands Paediatric Critical Care Operational Delivery Network for their continued input and support.


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