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The Paediatric Anaesthetic Network has been established and thriving since 2003 and continues on its aim to address the issues relating to the safe delivery of quality paediatric anaesthetic services across the region and partnership area; and the development of educational packages dedicated to meeting the training and developmental needs of all staff.

PAN group have been working on three key areas:

  1. Development of the Paediatric Anaesthesia Recovery Training programme (PART) which is now available to all Member Trusts, along with a Skills assessment document.
  2. Agreement by PAN of the airway equipment required by all hospitals who have children as patients.
  3. Collaboration with WMPCCN to revise standards, with a change of emphasis on anaesthetist having EPALS/APLS. The revised standard looks to include the availability of appropriate equipment to assist intubation of children of all ages, evidence of training with said equipment in paediatric airway management; and a WHO type check list for emergency paediatric intubations.


Work continues into 2021/22, with the PAN holding three well-attended meetings per year, along with the regular and well-established study day which has been held for over 10 years.

The Network is co-chaired by Consultant Anaesthetists Kate Thomas Birmingham Women’s & Children’s Hospital and Simon Crighton from South Warwickshire NHSFT.