The West Midlands Child Death Overview Panel continue to work together as a strong and growing network. The overriding aim of CDOP is to identify best practice to support the ongoing development of the child death overview process, in order to achieve better outcomes for children and families.

Over the last year the group have reviewed the West Midlands regional SUDIC policy & protocol; and have been collating information in relation to “Rapid Response” investigations, with an aim to standardise practice. The Network has a strong parent representation through ‘A Child of Mine’ – a charity supporting bereaved parents. In addition, they ensure regular sharing of good practice and what is working well across the region.

Partners in Paediatrics CDOP

The group held another incredibly successful conference in May 2019 with over 200 people attending the day.

The programme featured a range of thought provoking speakers on all aspect of the death of a child, including the services provided for families after the Manchester Bombings and work to reduce death on the railways.

These difficult subjects need a day like this to be shared and discussed to ensure we learn from each other’s experiences and the feedback from the event was extremely positive.

The network has planned a Midlands wide regional event which they hope to hold later in the year.

Future developments for CDOP include an audit of how neonatal deaths are reviewed and the production of a pan-West Midlands CDOP annual report. Futhermore CDOP will be working in collaboration with the respective police departments on the development of a work stream in relation to suicide prevention.

The group is currently chaired by Jo Garstang .