The West Midlands Child Protection Special Interest Group has been created to:

  • Provide support for doctors involved in safeguarding and child protection work in the West Midlands
  • Provide regional peer review of child protection cases
  • Facilitate discussion of safeguarding issues arising across the region
  • Consider training needs across the region

This network aims to identify best practice and promote consistency of support for doctors involved in the safeguarding process from the geographical area of the West Midlands to achieve better outcomes for children and families.

To provide a platform for doctors involved in safeguarding to work together to ensure that we have a robust safeguarding process across the region.

To identify regional training and development needs and training opportunities.

The meeting is for doctors working in child protection & safeguarding. Membership is open to doctors who are members of BACCH, the RCPCH or other appropriate professional organisations.

The network has recently provided a half day session for regional clinicians to learn more about anogenital symptoms and their management.

The prime focus of the session were to discuss how to examine children, what common medical conditions arise and how sexual assault is part of the differential for some of the symptoms.

The group delivered these aspects and discussed medical conditions with the support of professional expertise in these areas.

If you attended on the 30.09.22 or 30.11.22 and would like to revisit the slides please click here and enter the password shared with you via email Presentations

If you would like to join the WMCPSIG please complete the expression of interest form –