Partners in Paediatrics are pleased to have been supporting MCLTVN since December 2019.

MCLTVN is a network of like minded healthcare professionals with an interest in children’s LTV to ensure quality of care for quality of life.

Quality Standards for Long-term Ventilation for Children and Young People Version 5

The Quality Standards aim to improve the quality of services for children and young people needing long-term ventilation.

The standards help to answer the question: “For each service, how will I know that national guidance and evidence of best practice have been implemented?”

The Quality Standards are consistent with NHS England’s Service Specification E07/S/c ‘Paediatric Long-Term Ventilation’ and are suitable for self-assessment, monitoring by commissioners and use in peer review visits.

They describe what services should be aiming to provide and all services should be working towards meeting all
applicable Quality Standards within the next two years.

The Quality Standards are based on and support implementation of national strategies and guidance,
including NICE guidance and Quality Standards

The standards have recently been reviewed by the Midlands Children’s Long-Term Ventilation Network (2022), V5 is now finalised and available for sharing.

Further information about the standards can be found here: MCLTVN QS Leaflet

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