The West Midlands Paediatric Epilepsy Nurses Network aims to develop standardised care across the region, including all appropriate paper work, audits and patient information.

The group’s ambition is to provide learning opportunities, resources and sharing of best practice. Together they support business development and service improvements related to Epilepsy Nursing services.

The Network continue to focus on standardising approaches across the West Midlands, creating single network documents for patient and family information leaflets, Epilepsy care plans and training documentation.

Epilepsy care for children and young people is delivered locally from District General Hospitals across the West Midlands, with Birmingham Children’s Hospital providing specialist Neurology Services including Epilepsy surgery.

The Paediatric Epilepsy Nurses Network is chaired by Cheryl Byrd, Epilepsy Specialist Nurse, Worcester Acute Hospitals NHS Trust, and together with the network members bring together professionals working in hospital based epilepsy roles across the region, to ensure the best and seamless services for patients and their families.

There are a number of local and national charities and non-profit organisations that provide an excellent range of information related to Epilepsy in children and young people. The network centralises links for these resources for ease of access for both families and professionals.

Following guidance from Epi 12 the network are currently working on collating regional audit data.

Additional information available from the Epilepsy Network:

Click here – Information for parents & carers

Click here – Information for professionals